Fearing Rest

I think people fear rest.
Although many people, myself included, need it desperately, we fear what it might reveal. We fear if we slow down we might actually have to deal with the hurt and pain that lingers deep within. We fear we won’t measure up or be able to keep up with everyone else. We fear we won’t make enough money or are children won’t be the starting player, so we stay busy, really busy. We run 1,000 miles per hour thinking that we’re doing what’s best. Yet, if we took just a moment to sit and rest we’d find that our souls are actually worn to the bone, our hearts are not full, but empty and our minds are not at peace, but filled with anxiety. 
Instead of creating time for rest we add more and more to our plate and before we know it we have quickly become our child’s chauffeur; instead of their wise counsel. We don’t know who are spouse is anymore, because we only see them in passing. Sure we sit next to them from one sporting even to the next, but there’s no real intimacy there. Now one is really sure when the last time the family actually sat down to a meal together was because, everyone is-busy.

I think in order for families to be healed someone’s going to have to say, enough is enough.

I’m choosing to rest, because that’s what is best for my own health, my children’s well-being and my relationship with my spouse.

Otherwise we’ll continue to run ourselves into the ground reaching for depression medication, the divorce papers and blowing up at our kids, because we’re not taking time to rest.
I think God wants us to rest.

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”- Matthew 11:28

Even Jesus rested (Mark 6:31). We should too.
I think when we rest, a death happens. A death to fear, anxiety, worry, anxiousness and anger. A new life begins when we rest with God. It’s there where He refreshes our hearts, gives us new hope and places His joy in our hearts.
When we choose to make a commitment towards rest, true transformation happens as we hide ourselves in God’s word. That is where we spring forth to new life in our minds. The lies come crawling up to the surface, the pain becomes un-earthed and Jesus, our healer comes in to make us new.
I want that kind of rest. Go ahead, you can have that kind of rest too. Don’t worry about what others might think, just go and be with Jesus.

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