Quiet, Be Still!

True, abiding faith is far from passive; it is fiercely active.

When the wind and the waves began to overtake the boat, Jesus and His disciples were traveling on, as they crossed Sea of Galilee Jesus lay sleeping on a pillow, in the stern of the boat.  In a panic the disciples came to Him, crying out,

Lord, don’t you care if we drown!?” (Mark 4:38)

Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and the waves and with a loud shout said,

“QUIET, BE STILL!” (Mark 4:39)  

The wind and the waves immediately died down.

I wonder, if in that moment the disciples heard the same truth in their hearts, “quiet, be still,” as they frantically scrambled around the boat trying to save themselves, all the while, Jesus, in the midst of a great storm had everything under control even when it seemed they would drown.

Abiding faith teaching us to rest in the middle of what seems like an overwhelming storm.  As our hearts run; unguarded, filled with fear, worry, and anxiousness we seek to take over control, forgetting all the while that our Lord is resting at the helm, asking us to join Him there.

The rebuke of, “quiet, be still,” was not just for the storm, but for the disciples as well.  In their panic they forgot their Lord was in total control.  They allowed worry and fear to overtake them.  They become controlled by it and quickly forgot the faithfulness of God.

I can totally relate with the disciples.  Far too often, I forget about the faithfulness of God.  I focus on the storm and allow myself to be held captive by fear and worry, quickly finding myself reaching towards the helm to take over control.  Yet, there my Lord sleeps, resting, asking me to join Him there.  If I allow myself to be over taken by fear I’ll find myself stepping over him, maybe even, in my panic, kicking him out of the way to grab for the reigns of control.

What a stubborn fool I’ve been.  Thankfully, the gospel can make new the most stubborn of hearts.  With humility and prayer I can learn a new way of doing life.  I can let go of the helm and rightfully, give it back to Jesus.  It is hard work to get to this point, but with active faith, working with God for our renewal, we can be made new.

Father, forgive us, we forget so quickly, that in you, is rest.  You promise to stand with us, to never leave us, you are a good Father.  May we remember to quiet our hearts and be still in your presence no matter what life throws us.  May stillness be our default and trusting you be where we land.  In Jesus name, amen.

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