Following at a Distance

I’m a lot like Peter.

I talk too much.  I think I know it all.  I don’t listen well.

Not to mention, I’ll think to myself, “I would never do (fill in the blank).”

Yet, in my sinful nature, I would.

I think the demise of Peter can be found in Matthew 26:58

“But Peter followed him at a distance”…..

As Jesus was on His way to appear before the Sanhedrin Peter followed Jesus, but at a distance.  He allowed His pride to say He would never deny Christ and now he lets his fear keep him from following Jesus closely.

Peter got away from following Jesus closely and before you know it, he denies Christ three times.  Three times!  Within minutes of each other.  The rooster crows immediately and Peter weeps bitterly, because he had done the unthinkable.  He denied knowing Christ three times.

In Jewish culture to deny your Rabbi three times was to cut yourself off completely from him.  It was as if Peter was flipping Jesus the bird and saying, “I’m done with you!  Get out of my life!”

We should be careful to say, “I would never.”  God just might put certain circumstances in our lives to humble us, showing us that without staying close to Him, without abiding in Him, we are capable of grievous sin.

Thankfully, Jesus restores Peter back into fellowship with him in John 21:15-17.  Jesus is full of grace and mercy towards Peter, even though Peter does not deserve it.  Jesus offers that same grace and mercy for us.  That is good news indeed!

Father, hold me close, for I, Heather, am capable of grievous sin without you.  May I walk in humility, daily, coming as a beggar at the door of your mercy.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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