Kill Sin, Before it Kills You

“Even their children remember their altars and Asherah poles”….Jeremiah 17:2

Are we so desperate to kill sin in our lives for the future generations? Do we earnestly desire for our children to be free from the sin that has so entrapped our hearts in rebellion towards God that we’re willing to go great lengths to eradicate it from our own hearts?

Or are we comfortable where we’re at? Are we not willing to go to hard places, to humble ourselves for the sake of the future generations? 

Do we take the time to stop and think about how the choices we make now can have devastating consequences for our children and theirs? Did we take the time to stop and think about these things before we signed the divorce papers, before we took another sip of alcohol, before we chose to commit adultery on our spouse, before we took just one more peek at some abhorrent site on the internet, before we gave into materialism, before we became obsessed with getting ahead in life?

The list could go on. I know in my own heart I have to battle against the desire to take over control. To be a woman who stomps on her husband, making him feel like less of a man, because “I can do it better.” I know this is something I have to kill, slay, and get rid of at all costs for the sake of my children and theirs. Yet, I know that I am not that woman. In Christ, I have the victory and by His grace, I will walk in it.

What is it for you? What has to die in order for your children to walk in true freedom and not give into the sin that has entrapped your heart? The reality is, we have the victory in Christ from those generational sins passed down to us. If we’re willing to do the hard work and walk in humility, living a transparent life for the sake of own our personal healing. Then, we’ll see the generations changed. We’ll see revival, freedom, and victory in the life of the church.

Whatever it is, take drastic measures to rid it from your life. Not just for your own walk with God, but for the generations after you.

Please know that if you have made a poor choice, God can redeem it. He is full of grace for you and His love is without limits, but please, I beg of you, for the sake of the future generations of the church, do the hard work of allowing God into those hard places of your life, walk in humility and repentance and you will experience the transformational work of Christ in your life. We will see generational sin broken and we will walk in victory as the church, together, for the glory of God!

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