It’s Tough Being a Woman

Few women find within themselves true and lasting peace. The overwhelming voices of expectations they impose upon themselves pressure them to be all things, do too much, look a certain way and live to impress far too many people.

Fear causes us to revert back to that insecure junior high girl who dresses to impress other people and lives to please the opinions of others. She whispers into our feminine hearts, you’re not good enough; try harder. Do more, be more, that’s what’s expected of you. 

The woman who wants to find peace in the depth of her being must allow her heart and mind to be at rest. She must understand that her worth, value and beauty is not found in what she does, but purely, in who she is.

For a woman to understand this, her identity must be rooted firmly in the love of God. Once she understands her identity as being made in the image of God, there is no longer any need to run after temporal band aides to fix an ailing heart or pursue the approval of other people to fill up a war-torn, emotionally drained soul.

The bible exhorts us to “take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ.”– (2 Cor 10:5) If we start living this way as women, we’ll stop running after thoughts and feelings that drive our emotions to unhealthy places, creating in us fear and insecurity, if dwelt upon long enough will inevitably lead us to action- attempting to soothe our worried minds. This creates in us destructive patterns. We must deal with these feelings and thoughts, earnestly, so they do not take our hearts and minds captive, enslaving us to fear.

Resting in the love of God is the tranquilizer gun the heart of every woman needs. It is the daily dying to the lie of the culture, to live and walk in the freedom of being made in the image of God, a daughter of the King, purchased and paid for by the Lord Jesus. If you know Him, rest in Him. If you don’t, cry out to Him. His love knows no limits and His peace wishes to place at rest every soul, not just in this life, but to grant eternal rest to all who choose to follow Him.

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