Distraction: The Enemies Favorite Tool

I believe one of the greatest tools of the enemy is distraction. If he can put our minds in places they were never meant to be, entertaining thoughts that keep us from being fully engaged in the present, we will not be able to, “be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have.”(1 Peter 3:15)


My mind is carried off, thinking often of my idols, wondering when I’ll be able to engage in them next. It could be that I am distracted by social media, the praise of people or some form of technology that keeps me from being fully present in that moment. 

Wherever my distraction takes me, my defenses go down with it and I am vulnerable to greater attack. I am not a strong soldier battling against the spiritual forces of evil. I am dining at their table, in agreement with them. I am missing opportunities to share the good news, because I have chosen to give into distraction.

Lord, help us to be fully engaged in the present. Help us to be ready for battle, knowing that each moment provides an opportunity to be a witness for you. Reveal those things that keep us distracted that we might repent and seek you instead. We know a spiritual battle rages war against us, but we have victory over the enemy; in Jesus name!

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