Arise: New Life in the Midst of Suffering

Jesus made a decision to die to what he wanted, so greater life would arise. It could be that God is trying to kill something in us to birth an more of a beautiful story, but we have walled ourself up with anger and have retreated to self-preservation, instead of laying down our lives; for the sake of our own personal healing.

We don’t often think our faithfulness to obediently trust God through pain might be for the saving of many lives, but the truth is, with God, nothing is wasted. Our children and theirs will depend on what we decide to do, or not do, with suffering. 

If we choose to build up walls of anger and bitterness, then we will pass those burdens onto the generations after us. It’s up to them to tear them down, but the further each generational sin goes, the more bricks get laid a little higher and the harder it is to bring those walls down. If you are not willing to be faithful, then pray they will be, because the burden you pass onto them is great.

Through persevering in God’s grace, they will see victory over generational sin; fighting for their freedom and the freedom you were too stubborn to fight for, those walls come down and their lives experience a new birth, into God’s great victory.

Although all things are possible with God, for the generations after us, we should be wise and earnest to eradicate our sin. For the sake of the faithfulness of those after us, we must and for the sake of the gospel and the glory of God.

I know your suffering stinks, it is arduous and painful. It is confusing and overwhelming. Beloved I would say to you, don’t fear, give over control to God and when the pain starts to settle in, lay your life passive in the will of God and say, “I do not understand this journey we are on, but Lord; I trust you.”

Anger distracts, pain hardens, but trust and laying down our emotions sets us free. Take time to mourn, but do not stay stuck in a prison of your emotions. Live a transparent life, find some beloved friends you can share your life with and ask them to pray for you. Don’t act like everything is ok when it’s not. The lives of your future grandchildren depend on it.

How they walk with God will have much to do with how you did. Your witness and your life will be one of the greatest teaching tools they will learn from. Your words will mean very little if your life does not speak of obedience and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Please know that I am fighting this battle alongside of you. I need your prayers to persevere under trail just as much as you need mine. Life is messy, but we can believe God for victory and in His grace, as we persevere, surrounding ourself with brothers and sisters, fighting alongside of us with the Lord Jesus Christ, we will find it.

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