Living in the Now, but Not Yet, Stages of Life

Matthias was a man who showed great faithfulness in how he followed Jesus. The bible tells us he was with Jesus and his disciples the whole time for those three years Jesus did ministry. We don’t hear about him until the book of Acts. Yet, it is quite clear that Matthias had a heart of purity in his pursuit of Christ. God chooses him to take the place of Judas Iscariot, the man whose heart betrayed the Lord Jesus.

As the disciples prayed for God to show them who Judas’s replacement might be, they prayed a simple prayer, “God you know their hearts, show us which one to choose.” There were two men they were choosing from, but it was Matthias whom they chose, because God revealed to them which man had the purest heart in his pursuit of following Jesus. 

Many of us live in the now, but not yet stages of life. We are waiting for God to raise us up, to our next step in ministry. The truth of the matter is, no human effort on our part can make this happen. It is God who sees the hearts of His followers and makes a way for them to be called up, according to His timing. The role of a Christian is to walk in faithfulness, and seek a heart like His. Overtime, people see the purity of our walk. They see our pursuit of Him is not to gain anything for ourselves, but to make much of Him.

Maybe some of us haven’t been called up yet, because our intentions are wrong, we want to be called up so we can be seen by others or to make a name for ourselves,, but until we choose to be faithful with the little God has given us, we will continue to wait until we let go of our impure motives to embrace a heart like His.

I don’t know about you, but I want a heart like His. I want to be one of the ones whom he calls up, because He sees that my heart longs to know Him and that I am actively fighting to kill anything that stands between me and my relationship with Him.

Lord, if there is anything impure in me, please show me. If anything stands between you and me, show me by your grace that I may repent and seek to do away with it, so that my walk with you is all about you and not about me. In Jesus name, Amen.

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