Resisting God’s Transformation

“But now in Christ Jesus, you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.”

When Christ died, a way for anyone, even those who weren’t Jewish, was made for them to have a relationship with God. What’s interesting to note is that the bible says, through Christ we are brought near. Therefore, it’s up to us to choose whether or not we will enter into God’s family through repentance and confession of faith in the risen and living Savior, Jesus Christ.

God brings us near, He often does this, giving us the free will to choose or own way or His. If we know His heart, His nearness is like water to our thirsty hearts and minds, entering into His promises is indeed the refreshment our parched souls need. He doesn’t force us into loving Him or choosing the narrow path over the wide.

We will find ourselves in places less than ideal when we do not enter into His promises, when we do not join our life with His. God wants to destroy that old man or woman of sin in us, but in order for Him to do so, we must join our life with His. It’s a lot like marriage, the two becoming one is a challenging and at times, painful process as we actively let go of our sin, learning to become one with another.

The more we resist God in this process of transformation the less will become like Him, as we continue to live as that man or woman bogged down by the weight of sin, pride and discouragement. When all the while, God is drawing us near, wanting once more to take an area of our life still in need of sanctification and transform it. Many of us run from those moments, because it is too painful to enter into the process of becoming one with Jesus. He wants to make us a brand new person. He wants us to have His heart, His mind, His intentions, His purity, His desires and the more we resist Him the less joy and peace we’ll have in our hearts. Our lives will be devoid of freedom, because we have chosen to wall ourselves off from God’s transformation. Sure, we’ll avoid the pain of the chipping away of the old life, but we’ll miss out on the transformation of a new life that awaits us.

Imagine yourself as a piece of stone in the hands of God. His desire is to make something beautiful out of you, but this means He must lovingly, with hammer and tool, chip away at you, it’s the chipping away part that often scares many of us away into isolation or denial, but if we would be willing to endure the pain of being chipped away at we’ll find a something far more beautiful than what was before.

I think many Christians live as half sculpted persons. God started to refine them and make them new, but they wearied of His refinement and walled themselves off. Now they live with one area of their life as a half finished project, angry with God for not finishing the job fast enough or resentful for how the process made them feel instead of resting in what the process would bring about as they held on tightly to God’s promises.

I understand the process is arduous, it is uncomfortable, but the end result is worth walking the difficult journey of metamorphosis. As God draws me near, His desires for me are for my good. We cannot always see and understand His purposes, but we can trust that His desires for our life are with good and perfect intentions.

As God draws your near, enter into His life. Do not give up on the process. He’s in the business of making you new.

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