Lord, Give Me a Sign

I remember back in 2011 as I was journeying throughout the land of Israel along with 40 others, as we were walking about we were told to pay attention to the signs around us. I have to admit the signs that I saw were not pleasant, however, they certainly made me perk up and pay attention.

The signs read in Hebrew something like, “do not cross into this area – land mines.” I thought, holy mackerel, I would be wise to the heeds the word of this sign before me. After all, I do want to live past my 30th birthday, so I had sure better do what it says.


Many of us are asking God for a sign, but we never took a moment to stop and think that maybe He’s already given us one. Quite simply, we’ve chosen to disregard the one He’s trying to show us.

“A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah.” Matthew 16:4

God, heal my marriage. God, I need more money. God, show me a sign of what I’m supposed to do with __________. A popular rapper, DMX, from back in my day used to have a song that went a little something like this,

“Show me what I got to do
To bring me closer to you
Cause I’m gonna go through
What ever you want me to
Just let me know what to do
Lord give me a sign!”

I think DMX hits at the core of a lie we often believe. “God, show me what I got to do….. Lord give me a sign.” If we walk in this line of thinking, we have misunderstood the way in which God speaks to His people. We’ll be running around looking for some sign to show us what do do, when God has revealed His heart, and His purposes to us already in His word.

Jesus tells the Pharisees in Matthew chapter 16 that the only sign to be given will be the sign of Jonah. What was that you ask? It was to repent. That was the sign of Jonah; the message of repentance, to turn away from one’s sin and embrace God’s will

Maybe a better song lyric might be, “Lord, you have taught me your ways, and I know I have the power through Christ to walk in them everyday, so today I choose to follow and obey.” I know what you’re thinking, Capital Records is going to sign me up after I just wrote those sweet lyrics.

All joking aside, a right perspective of what it means to go before God, and walk in HIs truth will make all the difference in the world in how we relate to God and the circumstances that come our way.

Instead of asking God for a sign, we should be seeking to understand and know His will pursuing His heart and actively hiding His word in our hearts. When trouble arises, we won’t be searching for some sign, but we’ll obey the words that have been deeply implanted in our hearts and minds through earnestly seeking God in the scriptures.

Through diligence we must heed the words of scripture, recognizing they are God’s way of keeping us on the right path, knowing that just beyond His path awaits land mines of destruction, if we willingly choose not to listen and obey the signs He’s already shown us in His word.

If you’re looking for a sign, start with repentance. Then ask God to fill you with the courage in Jesus name to walk according to His word.

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