Fear and Faith


Each morning I am met by two old friends; fear and faith. Fear is often the one that loves to greet me first. Faith doesn’t barge its way through fear on its own, it patiently waits for me to initiate its presence.

What I do with that old friend of fear will determine whether or not I shall meet with faith that day. My next decision after fear greets me will often determine the direction my day will take. Fear has such a strong grip on my thoughts and actions until I release it to the life-changing power of faith. 

Faith places my thoughts, actions and insecurities in safe hands. Faith takes me on a beautiful journey with God, where fear keeps me spinning in circles, with no true direction. Faith encourages me to go deeper, believe bigger and to break strongholds. Faith is where freedom is found. Fear is bondage.

It is but a simple prayer I pray when fear meets me first thing, Lord, I need you, I need your grace, I admit _________ is a fear that wants to overtake me, so today I choose to walk in the freedom that you offer through Jesus Christ, because in Him I am more than a conqueror! I have the victory through Jesus Christ, so today I will walk in the victory, because of your great love for me!

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