A Man Zealous for God: Nehemiah

Nehemiah was a man who was zealous for God. It is quite possible that because of his zeal and love for God’s word, Israel did not fall back into captivity through their willful rebellion.

In his courage, Nehemiah gathered a remnant to join him in the rebuilding of the walls in Jerusalem. He faced much opposition, but did not give up, because he knew and understood that God would give him victory.

After the walls and temple were rebuilt in Jerusalem, Nehemiah set up everyone in their places to serve in the house of God. Once things were in order Nehemiah returned to serve in the court of king of Artaxerxes in Persia. Then, after some time he returns to Jerusalem only to find that much of Israel had stopped pursuing the Lord.

Nehemiah, to his dismay finds many of the Levites have stopped serving in the temple, not to mention there are men selling goods on the Sabbath and others who have married foreign women. Therefore, he sets out to cleanse Israel of their sudden idolatries to restore the people back to following God’s law.

We are a people quick to fall away from following God. If you’re leading people, do not grow discouraged when they fall away. Remind them of the greatness of God and His word. Be a person of biblical integrity and speak the truth in love, be honest and transparent about your own brokenness and need for grace.

If you’re a Christian, do not neglect the word of God. Make it a priority in your life and live in ways that reflect your love for God and His word. Don’t just study the book, be a person of the book. God will bless you as you earnestly seek Him and walk in obedience with Him.

God, give us courage to walk with you. Convict us when we have strayed from your path and poor out your grace upon us. We need you, in Jesus name.

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