A Unified Body

The address to the Ephesians in chapter 4 of Paul’s letter, in my understanding, does not read as a calling to the individual, isolated from the body, but instead of a call to the entire body of Christ. It is not a ME calling, it is an US calling.

Even Paul himself, who was called out by God knew and understood that he could not fulfill his calling without the help and support of the church (Phil 4:15-18). As Paul addresses the church in Ephesus he admonishes them to live a life worthy of the calling they have received. He gives them these actions step with which to accomplish this calling.

1. Be humble (remember, it’s not always, if ever, about you)
2. Be gentle and patient (don’t always feel the need to have your thoughts or opinions heard, especially if they have not been bathed in prayer beforehand)
3. Bear with one another in love (the greek word used for love is “agape,” this refers to God’s UNCONDITIONAL love. This is the type of love we should practice in the church)

Why? Paul says, to preserve the UNITY of the Spirit through the bond of peace. If we are living out these principles Paul gives us, how can we not walk in unity with one another? As we do, human agendas die and God’s purposes are propelled into action. Then, we start to experience the power of God as the people of God get out of the way and start making more of the name of Jesus then their own name.

Oh Lord, I need greater humility, show me when I am acting out of pride and not in meekness. Father, I need your Spirit in me to live in agape love towards my brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s you through me. Lord, may I not boast in myself, but only Christ and Him crucified. Pour out your blessing on your bride, THE CHURCH! Abba, we the church ask for more of you. God, reveal more truth to us as we seek your face, together, in Jesus name!

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