Sleeping From Sorrow

Many of us are often, “sleeping from sorrow.” (Luke 22:45). In our pain and despondency we’re quick to try and muster up the wherewithal to fix our own problems, so instead of entering into prayer, we enter into “make it happen, fix it mode.” Whatever we can do to quickly better our situation or remedy its difficulty as quickly as possible this becomes the goal we focus on.

Therefore, we spend more time running around making a bigger mess of our issues instead of allowing God to take over control from the beginning, through actively seeking HIs will in prayer.

There is not a step God will not guide us on if we are willing to trust Him. It is really a matter of the heart and the will to lay paralyzed before God until the maker lifts up our feet and says, “walk!” Without this power we will run in circles, never quite fixing the problem, but only wearing ourselves out from exhaustion and sorrow because we can’t quite seem to make any real progress.


Oh Lord, help us to trust in you for each step. We are so quick to run ahead of you, not trusting in the plan, but feeling the need to always try to fix our own issues. Lord, today I lie paralyzed before you. Today I ask you to fill my heart with your promises and your peace. Today, I will choose to lay still before you until you call me up to walk. Thank you that your grace will meet me there. Thank you that you love me and will guide me according to your good purpose, in Jesus name, amen!

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