Dealing With Disappointment

“But we had hoped”… (Luke 24:32)

Disappointment in life can be crippling. Go ahead, fill in the blank, “but we had hoped for; children, good health, more time with a loved one, a happy marriage, job security, financial stability, a good life, or friends we could count on.” I’m not sure what has caused you to become disappointed in life, but we all face disappointments


Here’s the problem with disappointment, it can run and ruin our lives if we let it.

Everyone is going to face disappointments in life. What matters is what we do with what we had hoped for. Do we dwell on the fact that life seems unfair? That we didn’t get what we wanted and now we have to deal with the pain of an unmet expectation?

Are we able to see Christ in the midst of disappointment? In Luke 24 two men were walking along the road and Jesus, having just risen from the dead, joins them. Surprisingly, they did not recognize Him. Could it be they were focusing too much on what they had “hoped for,” instead of seeing the bigger picture of God’s sovereignty amidst their disappointment that they were unable to recognize the risen Christ among them?

Our problem is not in our dilemma, it is in our unwillingness to accept our predicament and trust in the grace of God through it. As Jesus walked along the road with these two men, He opened the scriptures to them. Later on as these two men are talking and say to one another, “Did not our hearts burn within us as he opened the scriptures to us?” (Vs. 32) I believe that was the fire of the Holy Spirit awakening truth in their hearts as God’s light burst forth to help them see Christ in the midst of what they had hoped for.

After all, as Christians, is He not what we have hoped for? Why then do we allow other things to become where our source of contentment or satisfaction is found? Is He not Lord of all even in the midst of strife and disappointment? The only way to move past disappointment is to move into deep abiding trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to see Him, His purposes and His truth even in life’s darkest hours.

Oh Lord, you are enough. I know Lord that I am quick to dwell on disappointing circumstances. I am unable, because of my own stubborn will to see Christ, walking with me, providing joy and peace in my heart amidst disappointment. Father, forgive me for not counting it all joy, for not keeping my eyes fixed upon the risen Savior and for not turning to your word to find my hope in life. Holy Spirit, burn within my heart through your word, in Jesus name, amen!


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