Preparation for the Battle

As an athlete, I would spend hours in preparation, oftentimes repeating the same moves over and over again to ready me for the upcoming challenge. Many of those moves, at the time, seemed pointless and tedious. However, in the midst of competition, it was those moves that prepared me to excel in the heat of the moment.


I believe the Christian life is a balance of preparation and standing firm in the battle. How we prepare for the battle is really about our willingness to stick to the daily, seemingly, mundane tasks of scripture reading, prayer, memorization and sitting quietly before the Lord. If we do not ready ourselves for the battle through wise preparation, we will become wearied by the battle, finding ourselves quick to give up and give in.

I always remember those first two weeks of basketball practice. They were terrible. It was like someone took my legs, threw them in a blender, then stuck 50-pound weights on each leg as I trudged through school the next day after running 187 down and backs the previous day at basketball practice. Eventually though, as I continued to practice and persevere things got easier and my strength grew. I have found the more the heart engages in daily reading, prayer, and memorization, the more the heart wants of it. Sure, at first, it feels awkward and far too time consuming, but the more you engage in it, the more the heart grows and desires it. Your spiritual capacity strengthens as you give yourself over daily to the grace of God.

If you want to know how to walk through a battle with peace in your heart, start with preparing yourself for it before it comes. Strengthen your spiritual muscles through meeting with your Heavenly Father and hearing from His voice. Make it a priority to make preparation a part of your spiritual training regimen every day.

Then, when the battles come, we can stand firm in the grace of God that has filled our hearts. It is that very grace which fills us during those seasons of preparation that is the grace we draw upon during the battle. If you haven’t prepared well, start today and watch as God grows your heart closer to Him.

Abba, thank you for your love for us, thank you for your grace that we can stand upon, which is our firm foundation even in life’s greatest storms. If we prepare ourselves well with you, nothing can destroy us. We will have the victory in Jesus name. Give our loved one’s victory and for those who are feeling defeated by the battle, give them grace and shower your love on them. Don’t allow them to give into despair, give them a glimmer of hope to keep standing firm with you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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