The Overcoming Life

when we are persecuted, we endure it…..(1 Corinthians 4:12)

The overcoming life is what God calls each Christian to. However, not many Christians embrace this as God’s call, but instead view it as God’s curse. They wish it away, thinking, certainly, this cannot be from God! How can anything good come from this burden I am carrying?

Yet, It is in God’s sovereignty where His grace meets the bravest of souls in the midst of persecution, suffering and strife. It is His power and love that meets us, growing within us, the overcoming life.

Many Christians, at times, myself included, view persecution as a curse or a punishment. However, persecution can simply be a tool in the hand of the enemy to distract us from the victory God has for us in Jesus Christ. Oh, if we would but only keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, we would see that vindication is already ours, there is no weapon that can be formed against us and there is no plan of the enemy that can prevail if we choose the overcoming life through the resurrected power of the risen Savior.

God has nothing to do with the “giving up” life. He is only a God of victory, vindication and deliverance. Do not equate God with human limitations, to do so stifles the Holy Spirit’s power in your life. God will go on vindicating others whose faith has chosen the overcoming life. He’s into setting people free, but He’ll never force anyone into their freedom.

When God sets you free, keep your gaze forward, set your eyes on the victory that is yours in Christ. Do not allow the enemy, the Devil, to sink you back into the past, he’s a liar who only wishes to take you back into desolation. He wishes only to make you believe that victory for you has not come, so he’ll use his weapons or warfare; lies, to shame you and make you believe that their is no forgiveness for someone like you. He’ll try to make you believe that you cannot forgive those who’ve hurt you; you cannot get over what happened in your past.

Tell the devil to go back to hell where he belongs and claim your freedom in Christ.

Then, walk forward in your victory, choosing daily, the overcoming life.

Jesus, it is no small thing for me to say, I need you. I am quick to see persecution as punishment. Yet, it is more often a tool in the hand of the enemy to keep my eyes off you Jesus. I have lost nothing in the midst of persecution. I only have something to gain. Help me to see what it is that you, Lord Jesus, want me to gain through it. Lord, my faith at times, is so weak. I do not like the storm, so I wish it away, instead of fighting with the weapons of warfare, claiming my freedom in Christ. Today, I choose to fight with your weapons and no longer allow the devil to whisper lies into my heart in mind, because I have the mind of Christ. I am more than a conqueror through you who love me, in Jesus name, amen.

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