Do Not Die in the Desert

“I provide water in the wilderness”…..(Isaiah 43:20)

Life tends to be much more about wanting than having doesn’t it? However, what God provides for us is a bounty of refreshing no matter what season we are walking through. Yet, we’re so quick to focus on the want instead of what we have in Christ. We have all the promises of God. We have all the joy available at our fingertips, but we choose to want instead.

I want______________(fill in the blank), so we cannot believe in the goodness of God or have contentment in life until we believe we are being rightly provided for by God. All the while, God has provided everything we need if we would but chose to drink from his springs of living water.

There is nothing He cannot do. There is no season to dry for the soul. It is only the soul that sees the dryness, instead of focusing on the provider of blessing that meanders around in the desert with seemingly no end in sight. Some seasons we walk through in life may very well be a season of great difficulty. Yet, there is God with our daily manna. He doesn’t give us more than what we need, but just enough of His provision that fills us up to get us through the day.

Some seasons in life we have to take one day at a time. The journey ahead may seem to looming, to difficult, to hopeless. In our own minds that’s true, but not in God’s economy. It is far better to focus only on today and watch the maker meet your needs as you walk by faith and not by sight.

The enemy wants you to die in the desert. He wants you to focus so much on the storm that you cannot see the one who is providing grace for you in the midst of it. It’s far too easy to focus on the desert; to grumble and complain about its inconveniences instead of seeing what the creator has provided for you to feast upon that day.

Life, is very much all about perspective. Today, you can choose to live in God’s bounty, watching Him provide blessings for you and streams of living water in the midst of the desert. The antithesis is to keep your eyes fixed upon your lot in life, throw up your first at God and receive not His grace, His bounty and His sustenance. Surely, your soul will begin to die in the desert until you allow God’s bounty to revive and restore you.

We cannot escape desert seasons, but we can see them as God’s blessing and thank Him that He provides everything we need there according to His love.

Father, I do not like the desert. Yet, you meet me there. Your grace is sufficient for me. I have everything I need in you there. God, provide streams of water for me today to drink upon. May I recall your goodness, love and mercy when I feel as though I am drying up. May I never get to the point of no longer believing in your promises for my life. Oh Lord, you offer me a continual feast, may I stay in that place, in Jesus name, amen.

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