The Right Perspective in Brokenness

And hope does not disappoint us…(Romans 5:5)

Many things, people, circumstances and experiences in this life can cause us great disappointment. Jesus was not far from this reality, for He was betrayed, beaten, wrongfully accused and abandoned by those who claimed to be his closest followers.

There is something about disappointment that can begin to destroy ones soul without the proper perspective.



“sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.” (2 For 6:10)

Life truly is all about choosing God’s perspective. This offers endless hope. However, the arch-enemy of God, Satan, offers us a different viewpoint that throws us into pits of despair, anger, bitterness and the like. Choosing God’s perspective takes concerted effort. It is a daily fight to choose truth over lies and hold fast to our God who protects us in the storm and offers us peace in the midst of calamity.

I think its ok to choose the right perspective and still experience grief, sadness and loss. There’s something in those moments that joins our hearts to the suffering son of God who is able to sympathize with us in our weakness (Hebrews 4:15)

Some of us have experienced such deep loss that it feels like a ripping or tearing of the soul. The loss of a loved one, child, hope, expectation; you name it, you know the loss you’ve experienced causing such deep anguish in your life that your heart churns so deep within you that you didn’t even know such a deep place existed.

I think there’s a aspect of Jesus’ character we experience in those deep inner places of grief, sadness and loss that we would never know apart from our suffering. Jesus has a way of binding up the broken hearted that makes us more radiant than before. It is His love that is the salve to our wounds. It is His embrace that seeks to set our brokenness back in place. Without it, surely, a root of bitterness springs up, seeking to take us captive into places of deep un-resolved anger, un-forgiveness and resentment.

Oh Lord, there are seasons in life when it feels as if you’re ripping us apart. Maybe its because you’re making us new, I think so. Lord, the ripping and tearing is painful, but we know and believe that you are allowing it for your great glory. Lord, help me not to run from the pruning process, but to embrace it as your joy for me. I have this hope that he who began a good work in me will carry it out until the day of completion in Christ Jesus my Lord, amen.

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