Write Love on Your Hearts

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; 

bind them around your neck, 

write them on the tablet of your heart- Proverbs 3:3 


The testimony of our lives is made manifest not through the words of our feeble mouths, but the heart from which our words flow.  It is easy to make great proclamations of God, while inwardly our hearts are acting in rebellion towards Him.  This is a smoke screen that the wisdom of God will expose.

The tablets of our hearts all have a message written on them.  We are the determiner of what message we will allow to be written.  It is true that God is the master of our hearts, however, we are the ones who choose which playlist our hearts will sing.  The lyrics written on our hearts are determined by what we believe God to be like.

The writer of proverbs encourages us to write love and faithfulness on our hearts.  In order to do this, we must remove things like, pride, anger, doubt, fear and insecurity.  There’s a new song for us to sing.  As we write this new song on our hearts, God, the great Choir Master, orchestrates the playing of His song for the world to see.  As we display the glory of God, our hearts sing a sweet melody that cries out the message of the gospel, not with lofty words, but with love that adorns our hearts.  This melody speaks to the gospel.  As our hearts sing, the message of our mouths match up with the message of our hearts and the world sees that Jesus Christ is indeed the true, living and loving Savior of the world.

Lord, sing a new song in my heart today.  I repent of any message I have written that is not adorned with love and faithfulness.  Forgive me that I have allowed criticism, anger and fear to be written on my heart.  Lord, I want the message of my heart to cry out, Jesus!  Let it be true.  I want this more than anything.  Abba, let my heart sing of your love so others may see your song in me and be drawn to the Savior through it, in Jesus name, amen!

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