Preaching with God’s Power

he taught them as one who had authority….(Mark 1:22)


As a teacher of God’s word I have had many opportunities to share messages with others.

I remember once when I was sharing a message for the second time that day.  The first one, in my mind, I knocked out the park.  The praise of people was ringing through my ears and my ego was feeling pretty good going into the second message.  However, this time, things didn’t start out so well.  I had this thought in my mind of, wow, that first one was so awesome, this second one is going to be even better.

Problem is, as I started to speak it was like the words just wouldn’t come out.  Words kept getting stuck in my mouth and I kept stumbling over simple words.  I knew, in that moment that God was humbling me and it was time to get out of the way or suffer the consequences of my puffed up pride.  In my heart and mind I said a quick prayer, “Lord, forgive me, I submit to your power.”

Then, everything changed.  The words came out seamlessly, because God showed up.  From that point on, the power of God began to speak and Heather got out of the way.

I wonder how many teachers actually teach with God’s authority?  I know for me this is a struggle of my pride that I must lay down before Jesus on a consistent basis, because the pride of my heart loves to sneak in and desire the praise and adoration of people.  My pride loves to boast in its own strength and think highly of myself and my gifts, but it’s that pride I must die to if I really want to speak with God’s authority.

Whenever you minister before the Lord, the true heart of every disciple should be for those who are watching to say, “that is God.”

Many preachers come with a powerful display that pulls at people’s emotions, but those who speak from God, pull at people’s hearts.

They move not the emotions of the individual, but their words; with authority from God, cut to the heart.

Lord, I want my words to be from your heart and not from my pride.  Father, do not allow the enemy to whisper into my heart and mind to try and make believe that I am something special.  Lord, everything I have is from you.  Everything that I am is in you.  Jesus, put yourself on display in me for the world to see, in your power I pray, amen.

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