When I am Afraid

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you- Psalm 56:3

When I was a child and became afraid I would run to either my mommy or daddy because I knew in their arms I was safe.  For these are the very same arms of the Father we can run to when our hearts feel afraid.  He is a good, safe and loving Father who we can place all our hope in.  He silences the voices of fear, doubt, and discouragement and places us in safety, security, and peace.  The only thing we have to do is run into His arms.  That’s it, just run into His embrace and stop running after our own devices to fill our worried hearts.  As we sit with God, He whispers His love into our hearts over and over and over again, for His great glory and for our greater good.

Fear is a real thing we wrestle with daily.  We fear people, the unknown, real life circumstances and being rejected by others.  We fear not having enough, not being enough and not knowing enough.  Our biggest fear is sometimes found in not becoming what we’d hoped, or not becoming what we believe will make us acceptable to other people.


The problem is, our worth and affirmation cannot come from people, things or status.  Living for these things only puts our hearts in a constant state of fear.  We’ll live our lives trying to attain some goal that is literally unattainable.  We will foster relationships not for the sake of knowing others, but for the goal of being known by others to pat our egos and puff up our low self-worth.  We’ll run up credit card bills, seek the constant approval of people and make ourselves weary from it all.

The Christian learns to put a leash on their fears and place their trust in God.  It is to say, “Lord, I am terribly afraid of not fitting in, measuring up or being good enough, but I place my trust in you.”  God meets us in our honest confession and He brings us into places of safety in our hearts and minds.  He is the calmer of our fears, for He is a good and loving father.

Lord, you are good.  Forgive me when I run around trying to solve all my fears on my own.  Forgive me when I do not place my trust in you, but try to fix my own problems.  Lord, I want to be silent before you, to hear only your voice and to trust only in your name.  Abba, daddy, you are good and I long to trust you with each step.  Guide me back to you when I stray and remind me of your love for me in Jesus name, amen. 

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