...in your very presence
foreigners devour your land…..(Isaiah 1:7)


There is a place of rest with God that is a place full of His bounty, peace, and provision. Few people actually experience such a place, because more often than not their thoughts drift away from the promised land of God’s victory and bring them into places where the enemy seeks to destroy the harvest God has placed before them to feast upon.

As we go into Thanksgiving, a day full of food and feasting and we celebrate with others what we are thankful for, remember that much of your life is determined not by who God is, that never changes, but instead, by who YOU believe God to be. That’s right, your belief about God is either founded in truth or embedded with deep, idolatrous lies.

Our lips might say we are thankful, but our hearts may very well be allowing the enemy to destroy the harvest God wants to plant in our hearts that is full of His love, joy, and victory. We cannot experience the fullness of God’s blessing if we are allowing the enemy to trample all over our minds.

If we are allowing him to devour the bounty of God’s provision we’ll soon find that the harvest is not plentiful for us and we’ll start to believe the lie that says- God is not sufficient, when all the while He has provided for our every need. The problem is not with Him, but with us.

Many of us have allowed destructive thoughts to seep their way into the places of God’s bounty. We are not experiencing the fullness of the grace of God or the joy of knowing Him, because we are full of unbelief, pride, bitterness, anger, and selfishnesses.

These attitudes quickly seep into our souls like cancer that starts slowly eating away at us. Until we center ourselves back on right beliefs about God we’ll always believe that He is lacking, when He is not. We’ll never truly be thankful because whenever we believe God to be insufficient we’ll seek sufficiency in something else. We’ll run after worthless pursuits. We’ll never have enough, until we can say, at the depth of our being, “Lord, thank you, I have everything I need in you.”

Lord, if I have allowed any destructive thoughts to seep their way into my mind, please show me. I long to be like you. I want to see the goodness of your provision, the bounty of your blessing in my life. Lord, the bounty is there, help me to see it, even in the midst of strife. You are always enough. When my thoughts about you become idolatrous in nature because I believe you to be lacking, please show me so I might repent. Father, today, I am thankful for your grace, forgiveness and unending love for me. I am thankful that you take a child of yours and continue to walk with them, even when they fall short. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for your sufficiency. All I need is you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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