Hiding in the Bathroom Stall

“come, let us walk” …Isaiah 2:5

I remember as a child I was walking around a college campus looking for a class I was supposed to be attending and I got lost, so I did what any 5th grader on a college campus would do, I hid in the girls bathroom for an hour and waited for the class period to pass. I remember at one point someone came into the bathroom as I was in hiding in the stall and I thought to myself, “Heather, don’t breathe, stay silent, they’ll never know you’re here.”


The paths we set out on either get to us to our destination or get us lost. Whenever we walk, we’re headed a purposeful direction. We may not think it’s purposeful at the time or we may not be willing to admit it, either way, we are allowing ourselves to be led by two different driving forces; the places our hearts tell us to go, or the wisdom of God.

We must remember that our steps, accumulated, one after another will either put us in places of victory, deliverance and blessing or we’ll find ourselves in places of destruction, confusion and uncertainty. If our steps our leading us towards destruction, like me in the bathroom stall, when someone comes looking for us, it’s far too easy to go into hiding out of embarrassment, shame or willful rebellion. If our path is too enjoyable to leave, then, we have to wonder if we really know Christ at all.

If our path is too scary to leave, because we’ve found great comfort in it, then, we have to allow truth to penetrate our deception. This means allowing for others to come alongside of us and help show us the way.

Now, as an adult, I’m the type of person that isn’t afraid to ask for directions if I’m lost. Yet, when I get lost in my faith, because of sinful actions done in deception, I’m not always as quick to reach out, because I feel embarrassed and ashamed of the path I’ve allowed my feet to trod. Yet, there is beauty in the body of Christ when I can say to someone else, “I’ve gotten lost, because I led my own self. I didn’t allow God to lead me, so please, help show me the way out and hold me accountable to the path God has for me.”

Lord, forgive me when I traverse a path you have not called me to. I am so quick to try and force my own understanding into my life sometimes. I can quickly hide in shame or guilt. Yet, you’ve given me a family in the body of Christ to help guide my way towards freedom. Lord, help me not neglect the beauty of this family you’ve given me. I want to be transparent. I want to walk so closely with you that when others see me, all they see is a woman who knows of her Saviors love. God, order my steps, I want to walk in them, in Jesus name, amen.

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