Then I, myself, will be a protective wall of fire around Jerusalem….(Zech 2:5)


Could it be that sometimes we do not get burned by simply being outside of God’s will, but instead, by attempting to leave it? God is our hedge of protection, our resting place. He covers us in the shadow of His wings and we can dwell in safety in His presence. He goes behind and before us. His burning love for us is undeniable. He longs for us to be at rest with Him; sitting with Him in places of victory, standing firm with Him in safety, contentment and security.

We cannot always see the hedge, but when we start to leave it, we feel the intensity of its heat. It is easy in that moment to try and believe God is oppressive or that He is keeping us from something better. However, God’s hedge is set up for our protection. It is the things we cannot see that He fights to protect us from. It is His wall of fire that keeps us from devastation, destruction and the like. Inside the shelter of the most high we find just what we need. We lack no good thing in the presence of His grace.

There is a reason why God sets up certain hedges in our lives. He’s keeping us from the things that seek to destroy us.

In ancient Israel a hedge was set up around a field to keep out wild animals who could destroy the fruit of that land. If a hedge was destroyed or taken down it meant that the fruit of the land was now at risk for enemy attack.

Inside the hedge of God’s protection is the place of God’s abundance. It’s where we eat of His fruit. It’s where we experience His love in it’s fullest measure. However, sometimes, when God gives us an orange, we grumble for a pear. We don’t like what He has provided, because it doesn’t match up with our expectations. Accepting the provision of God takes full surrender, trust and a willingness to believe God knows what is best for us.

Lord, today, I trust you. I believe in your provision. I long to rest in the fruit of your land. I do not want to leave the hedge of your protection. Lord, forgive me when I stray. Make me more like you, Jesus. Be my provision. In Jesus name, amen.

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