The God of Done and Doing

Go out, you and your son Shear-Jashub….Isaiah 7:3

God is always doing a new thing. In God’s economy it is a matter of done and doing. God has done the work to accomplish everything we need and He is doing the work of a new thing in our lives if we are willing to believe it.

Isaiah’s son goes by the name “Shear-Jashub,” his name means, “a remnant will return.” His son is given a name that foreshadows the new thing God will do for Israel after they are forced into captivity by the Babylon for 70 years.


I am not sure what life is throwing your way at this present moment. It may feel oppressive and overwhelming, it may seem unfair or confusing, but know this, as you hold fast to your Lord, you stand in victory over your enemies. Remember, it is the remnant who will return to the land of the living. It is those who remain faithful to their allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ who will be brought back into the Land of God’s provision and care.

Those who live outside the place of God’s blessing are those who have placed their eyes upon their circumstances and not upon their victory. There are those individuals who do not believe God can do a new thing, so they remain in captivity. Their lives lack peace, contentment and joy, because of their unbelief.

Lord, I believe you are doing a new thing. I understand completely and fully that you are Sovereign over all things. If my sin has caused my captivity, Lord, forgive me. Father, I trust you. Although I cannot see the future, I know that as I remain faithful to you, I will sit in the place of blessing. I will experience the joy of Christ and bask in your glorious presence. Jesus, fill my heart with your joy and love today. Thank you that you are the God of done and doing. I praise you that you have accomplished everything I need in your son and that you are always doing a new thing, restoring what the locusts have eaten and taking what the enemy meant for evil and using it for good, in Jesus name, amen.

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