He Has Done It!

He has done it!…. (Psalm 22:31)

Yesterday I was preparing lunch for a hungry three year old and after a pretty good sized portion he was still hungry, so I threw a few more noodles in the pot to boil for him, but of course, he was impatient. I tried to explain to him that the noodles weren’t ready and that eating them now would be yucky and they wouldn’t taste good, but he insisted, so I threw a few cheerios on his plate to tide him over while we waited for the noodles to finish.


God is preparing something great for us too that requires trust, patience and belief. What do you long to receive from the Father? If we do not wait for our Fathers finished product we will never experience the fullness of His blessing and He knows when we are ready to receive it.

Sure, we can grab for the pot before the noodles are ready and throw them on our plates, but doing so negates the true blessing of God in our lives. Many of us may have never experienced the fullness of His blessing, because we’ve never been patient enough to wait for it.

The heart feels anxious and impatient, so instead of resting in the Lord, we go before Him, taking matters into our own hands. We’re left with a meal not finished by God, but snatched by us before it’s been completed. Then we wonder why we are never fully satisfied. Could it be we are never fulfilled because we have never waited long enough for God to finish His preparations for us?

The bounty of God’s blessing comes for those who abide in the Father and endure patiently for the hand of His provision. God’s provision comes for those who are willing to trust that He has done it! We need only wait for God to serve us the fullness of His blessing. In doing so, we experience the miracles of God for a watching world to see His grace and glory on display in our lives!

Lord, today I want to be patient and wait on you, so I might experience the fullness of your blessing. I know you are drawing me into deeper waters of trust. You satisfy my every longing. My only true need is more of you Jesus. Make me like you Father. I long to be like you, in Jesus name, amen.

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