By the Strength of His Hand

‘By the strength of my hand I have done this”…. (Isaiah 10:13)

When all is stripped in our lives and we feel as though we are disabled of all our wit and common sense, this is when God can step in to showcase His ability.

Truth is, sometimes God allows for us to be brought into places of metaphorical disability which forces us into trusting only in His ability.

We often feel capable and confident in our own abilities to provide for ourselves, and so we go along in our arrogance and self-glorification, believing we have the future covered, because we are in control of it.

HA…. (these are the times when, I think, God LOL’s)

We are not in control of it and if we believe ourselves to be, then do not be surprised when God puts you in places of deep waters, where you cannot continue to swim on your own without his life preserver of sufficiency.

I’ve always been the type of person who was fairly self-confident in her abilities. She had a plan. She was certain that plan would continue, but the scriptures make it quite clear the call of a Christian is not to plan out their life, but to walk by faith; step by step.

God, how will you provide for__________________? God says, don’t worry about what tomorrow or ten years from now holds, you trust me with today. You watch me work, and stop trying to do it yourself.

God is the master builder, the sufficient Savior and the King over your finances, families, fears and faults. He is always in the process of rebuilding us, tearing down old walls of insecurities, pride and fears, so He can create something new in your own heart. It is His loving hand that holds the hammer that reshapes our lives.


Don’t ever think for one moment that your own hands have provided for yourself. God is merely entrusting you with the blessings of His bank account. It is His love that rebuilds. It is His grace that tears down and it is His mercy that pulls out the dross to create in you a clean heart.

Lord, I want to be a beautiful structure on display for the world to see of your mercy. I know this means that you, then, must take to deep waters. You must bring me to places where all I can do is trust you for today. Lord, I do not know what tomorrow or ten years from now brings, but I know as I walk in step with you, I will have everything I need for that day. Lord, be my daily manna, in Jesus name, amen.

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