The Lord Our Fortress

But the LORD has become my fortress….(Ps 94:22)


The Christian life is not so much a matter of fighting, but instead, one of abiding with God, in the fight.

God says, He will fight, we need only be still and stand firm. When it seems as though our minds are in an all out war and we wonder when the battle will dissipate, we can trust and know that God is fighting for us in heavenly places. The offensive weapon He has given us is His word. We only speak it, God empowers it. We do not give power to it. This is why it’s so imperative that we understand that we are not the ones who do the fighting, it’s God who fights, because it’s His power and strategy that overtakes the enemy.

If we believe we are the soldiers who do all the fighting by our own will and strength It would be like me saying I’ve brought power to the bullet that shoots from the gun I just pulled the trigger on. No, that would be absurd. If that were the case it would travel about 15 feet and might penetrate some soft serve ice cream, but nothing more. My power offers very little to the damage that needs to be done to destroy the strongholds of our lives.

God brings the dynamite that blasts away the enemy and shatters him into total destruction. When we sit and hide in the bunker or run ahead of God in the battle we’re sure to lose. However, when we set ourselves back up in a place of abiding, we find victory once more.

In fact, I think sometimes God sets us in the fortress of His peace, but we grow anxious and worried so we do not rest in it. We end up leaving HIs fortress, because we just have to let this person know how we feel, we cannot see how He will provide for this financial difficulty or we do not want to wait, we want what we want now

. When we leave His fortress, we are susceptible to the enemies attack and we will get knocked down. We will not stand in victory, because we have left the place of God’s protection.

Standing firm in the heat of the battle teaches us how to trust, while abiding in the protection of God’s fortress teaches us how to be still and sit in the grace of His peace.

God is always protecting us, whether it’s the armor or the fortress, it makes no difference. The question is, are we willing to stand firm in those places, because when we do we experience God’s deliverance as we watch Him bring the victory in our lives, in Jesus name.

God, it’s you who fights for me. I do not always see your hand, but I sense your presence when I am abiding in you. I do not always understand what you are doing or why you are doing it, but I know that as I trust in you and use the weapons you’ve given me with the strength of your power I am a victor in Jesus name. Today I will abide and stand against the enemy; the devil. I take back any ground he has tried to claim as his, because I got scared and hid in the bunker or ran ahead you. Lord, on the battle field of life, I’m giving you control, because I want to see your victory in my life, in Jesus name, amen.

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