Peace of Mind

The infant will play near the cobra’s den….. (Is 11:8)

The Holocaust, mass genocide in Rwanda, the falling of the twin towers in NYC, rape, abandonment, abuse, rejection, neglect, hatred, the list goes on and on. Whether big or small, we have all faced something devastating in our lives that has shaken us to the core.

Do we not all long for a place of safety and peace? In the depth of each man or woman is a longing to be loved, understood and at peace in their hearts. Yet, there is very little peace in our world today and in our lives, because we lack what it requires to have real, unshakeable peace. We do not have a genuine love for God. We are unwilling to forgive. We are critical and angry. Even as Christians we can live without peace, because we are placing our focus on the wrong enemy.


Been hurt by someone? Stop believing they’re the enemy you need to be angry with. Recognize that they are merely a puppet in the hands of an enemy who seeks to destroy your life. Put your focus on the Devil, not an individual. You’ll find yourself angry and frustrated, because you cannot seem to get traction on moving forward and overcoming the thing that’s happened to you, because you’re mad at the puppet and not the hand guiding it.

If we as Christians want to start seeing spiritual victories in our lives, we’ve got to start getting mad at the right target. We’ve got to direct our spiritual energy and efforts to the father or lies; Satan. He is the great deceiver, do not allow him to have any place in your life. If you’re not a Christian, then your heart will always be restless until it is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. You will never have peace until you come to the only true place of rest; Jesus Christ.

The thing I wish God did when we became a Christian is flip a switch in our hearts and remove all the anger, hurt, and pain. However, God doesn’t work like that. Yes, we are made new in the blink of an eye when we make Jesus the Lord of our life and confess our sin, but the process of sanctification is a life-long journey. If we give up on the journey of sanctification, we will never been free from what has happened to us, but will be help captive to it.

When I think about my life and what I long for God to do it in, one of my deepest desires is to say, “it is well with my soul.” I can spend my whole life focused on what has happened to me or I can seek the wisdom and delight of God and find peace for my soul in the midst of even the greatest tragedies in my life.

There is a place of resting for the soul with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a place only for those who would learn to sit in His presence, completely abandoned to Him. It’s a place where the heart forgives, lets go and learns to trust. We must remember that we do not need to trust the individual or thing that has hurt us, but we can trust the one in control of our destinies. Is He not a good and loving God who takes even the messiest seasons of our lives and makes a beautiful work if we are willing to believe and trust in His promises?

The good news is that there is a day coming for all those who are in Christ free from striving, anger and pain. It is a day when the lion will lie down with the lamb, the infant will play near the cobras den and the leopard will lie down with the goat. It is a day of freedom for our hearts. A place of eternal peace with our Father. Oh Lord, we long for this day! Yet, we can experience this day in part, now, if we choose to walk in the grace of God.

Jesus, restore our hearts. We long for peace. If we do not have it that is not your fault. It is because we have forgotten your promises. It is because we lack the courage to do the right thing. We battle pride in our hearts, because we do not want to be humble and confess the ways in which we have hurt others. Lord, pour out your peace in our hearts. We long to be made new. Forgive us for how we have harbored bitterness and anger. Today, we raise up a banner of love and forgiveness, in Jesus name, amen.

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