God: The Master Builder

 I will drive him like a peg into a firm place….(Is 22:23)

Not too long ago I had a pitcher of iced tea I needed to transfer from one location to the other. I tend to think you can always fit more things on a counter top, yet for some crazy reasons I’m always toppling things over reaching for something else, so maybe my method isn’t as fool proof as a I think it is, and so not too long ago I had a pitcher of iced tea I needed to transfer from one location to the other in my car.
I grabbed the pitcher and it had a lid on it, so I thought, surely, this will be a safe transport. I only had to drive a couple of minutes. Of course, it didn’t seem overly steady in the backseat, but I was in a hurry and thought, oh, it will be fine. Of course, when I arrive at my destination, the pitcher had toppled over and my backseat floorboards were drowning in iced tea. I had failed, not only at the transport, but now, we had no iced tea.
Life is often a lot like that pitcher of iced tea. We feel uncertain, in a hurry and question whether or not we’re doing the right thing. We never sat down to ask God, so we plow ahead, making a huge mess of things, never accomplishing what we set out to do in the first place.
Until we allow God to steer the ship, we’ll always run it into trouble. What would happen if every time a master craftsmen went to grab for a nail to finish his project, the nail ran away? Now, that would be kind of funny, but very frustrating for the master builder.
In order for God to finish His work, His people, whom He holds in His hands, must remain still and let Him finish the task. They must also stand upright, with the confidence of Christ that God is driving them into a place of victory. When we run from the master plan out of fear, worry or control, we delay the process of being built into a new masterpiece from the hand of God.
He makes us bold and stout hearted. He does not give us a spirit of fear, nor does He abandon us to the grave. The hammer He uses is there to create in us a new life. He wishes to tear down old walls and build up new ones. The more we rest in the master builders hands, the greater joy we’ll experience in the victory of being driven into the places of His will. Don’t run from the plan. Rest, stand firm and sit on the presence of a good and loving God who is creating a true masterpiece in you for His glory.
Lord, I am so quick to run ahead, worry and fear the future, but you have a master plan that is good for me. You are the great builder. You hold the hammer of your mercy that puts me into the places of your will. Lord, I do not want to fight it. I want to stand up, tall and courageous for your glory, in Jesus name, amen!

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