My Own Heart: A Place of Chaos

All who make idols are nothing,
and the things they treasure are worthless…. (Is 44:9).

When my life is run by confusion I must ask myself what idol I have clung to more tightly than the Lord Jesus? The Hebrew word for nothing in the above scripture is “tohuw,” which means emptiness, confusion, a place of chaos, etc. It is the same word used in Genesis 1:2 when describing the earth before God formed it. It was void, empty and without meaning, so will be our lives if we choose to let them be run by idols fashioned by our own human hands.


I have been in such a state of denial before in my life that I have convinced myself and others that my pursuit of x, y or z was from God, when in reality, God wanted nothing of it. I cared more about what was good for me instead of what needed to die in me so Christ could be raised as the King of my heart.

If we tell ourselves long enough, “This is what God wants, I’m sure of it,” when we know deep down inside it isn’t, we’ll slowly start to become more and more like our own idols. Even though our hearts feel uneasy, uncertain, and a bit chaotic, we ignore the pressing of the Holy Spirit to give up our idol and destroy it before it destroys us. The discipline falls on us when God hands us over to our idol. The very thing that holds no power until we wrongfully empower it. God will set up roadblocks and warning signs, but He will give us what we want if we pursue it long enough without repentance.

Now our ears, eyes, and mouths become just like our idol. Therefore, we are blinded to the truth, unable to see what God really desires. We cannot hear the words of truth, because we walk with a heart hardened by our precious idol.

If often takes a great awakening before we come to our wits about it. Either we become humiliated by our own undoing, thanks to the preciousness of our own idol that reaps destruction on our lives or we ask God to go to the deep, hidden places to reveal the dark secrets of our hearts showing us why we built false gods there in the first place.

We can certainly fall flat on our faces thanks to our idols and continue in stubborn rebellion, clinging to them with a vice grip of false comfort and control, or we can get to the end of ourselves and destroy our foolishness, before it continues to heave down destruction on our lives and everyone else in sight.

Jesus, if I could be honest, sometimes you do not reign as the King of my heart. Please forgive me. I want you to take up full residency in my life. Jesus, would you show me the idols I have caste? Would you shine your light on them so I could place them before your throne room so that together we might destroy them? Jesus, I’m sending out the SOS, please help. I want to be more like you. Forgive me for my pursuit of worthless idols that run my heart into places of chaos. You are the God of peace, may my heart live there, for your glory, in Jesus name, Amen.


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