The Arm of the Lord

See, the Sovereign LORD comes with power, and he rules with a mighty arm. (Is. 40:10)

Growing up, my dad was an avid weightlifter. To me, his arms felt like bowling balls. He was strong and if the pickle jar was too big a match for me, I’d always call on dad to take care of the problem. With one fail swoop he’d pop that sucker open and relieve me from my fight against the jar.

Dad guns

Many of us are fighting something too. We’re fighting against; fear, despair, discouragement, unbelief, insecurity and the like. Our arm is not strong enough to bring deliverance for our own selves, so we go about, looking ridiculous all the while trying to bring freedom for our own self when God says, here, let me handle it.

I’m a bit of a control freak myself. I like to know there’s a plan. I find comfort in it. Sometimes I even try to make a way where God isn’t, because in my own finite thinking, this way makes more sense or feels more comforting. Yet, whenever we insert ourselves into the equation we silence the power of God to make a way for us. God will not force His way into our deliverance if we don’t want Him to do it. He waits for us who would trust fully in Him to bring forth His mighty arm to save.

This requires active waiting on our part. We dare not take action in mustering forth our own strength, but actively resting in the promises of His word sitting ourselves in a place of surrender. This place is only found through prayer. Prayer engages the power of God. It sets Him up in His rightful place and it is vehicle by which God ushers in His power as we submit our feeble attempts to save our own selves to His perfect will.

His walls of protection surround us in places of victory. His arm becomes our fortress and He goes behind and before us through the promise of His Holy Spirit. The place we must find ourselves in is right in the middle of Him. Think about it; the heart at rest, content in who Jesus is, finds itself in the perfect will of God. It is there, in the freedom of God, where we can rest assured knowing that the arm of the Lord will wield forth our victory.

Abba, you are a good and loving Father. Your arm is not to short to save, but sometimes my faith is to small to believe it. Lord, forgive me. I want to be more like you, but in my own understanding I make you too small. Father, forgive me. Arm of God, fight for me, bring me to the promise land of victory through Jesus Christ, amen.

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