Truth. Lies. Beach Balls and Pride

who suppress the truth….(Romans 1:18).

I’m not much of a swimmer. I don’t like getting wet, but when I was a kid I spent nearly everyday at the pool. I think it was mom’s free babysitting tool…I’m not sure.
Sometimes we’d throw a beach ball around. I used to like to take the ball and push it under the water, suppressing it as long as possible. Eventually, my strength would wear out and the ball would burst out of my hands and come flying out of the water like a bullet above me.
Truth works the same way. It eventually works its way to the surface. In our efforts to suppress the truth it wears us out, becomes our focal point and keeps us scrambling to keep that thing, whatever it is, under the water.
God may let us stay there, struggling with Him for quite some time, but eventually He wins out as truth comes rushing to the surface, bursting forth in glorious light. The problem becomes when we, in our pride, grab for the beach ball once again and determine to shove it back under the water, hoping no one notices, because we dare not share our secret sins within anyone close to us. We have an image to protect and letting others in to the deep struggles of our lives seems scary. Instead of finding freedom through accountability, we hold onto our precious pride in an attempt to save face. This only breeds further humiliation, due to our lack of humility to accept the truth for what it is and our unwillingness to invite wise council into our lives.
If something has you, and you feel controlled by it that it steals your energy and joy from you, let it go and let God’s truth win out over your life instead. If you don’t, that thing, will seek to slowly destroy you over time. There is freedom in embracing God’s truth. There is joy. There is life and peace. There is a heart who feels no need to suppress any truth, because it is free from the bondage of deception, in Jesus name.
Lord, you win. Every, single, time. Why we would even think that we could fight you and win is beyond me. Lord, you know how you and I have struggled. You know how stubborn I have been, because quite honestly, I wanted what I wanted. Lord, show me your truth. If I am suppressing any of it, show me. I want to live in the freedom of your son, in Jesus name, Amen!

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