Snare or Blessing?

and it became a snare….(Judges 8:27)

Sometimes God doesn’t throw us a blessing, the enemy throws us a snare disguised as one. Discernment, through prayer, and Scripture reading is how we determine where it came from.
Gideon’s family became ensnared by a gold ephod made from the rings of the Ishmaelites. An ephod was often worn by the high priest who worked in the temple of God. You see, even the church or any part we play in it can become something that ensnares us. It can steal our hearts and become an idol that we worship.
Fear and pride often become the motivating factors for why we believe an entrapment to be a blessing. We fear not being able to do anything more than what we currently have. We fear we won’t have any significance without what we are currently doing and we believe that without us behind the wheel, things will surely fail.
Is God not bigger than our puny efforts? And isn’t it He who empowers anything good to be accomplished through us, to begin with? This is human pride and idolatry at its worst. When our trust diverts from God onto ourselves, we are left with a mess of false gods to worship. Discernment teaches us to be led by faith. Honest reflection challenges us to weigh out the intentions of our hearts to see if they are of God or not. Wisdom weighs out our hearts before God and others to see if what we are hearing is from a place of bondage or freedom in Jesus name.
Lord, we have so many snares, but sometimes, we love our snares. We find comfort in them. We have stored up idols in our hearts. We have acted wrongly. Lord, forgive us. We desperately need you. We need your grace. We long for your victory, in Jesus name, Amen.

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