No Ordinary Vision

the Spirit of the LORD began to stir him…. (Jdg 13:25).

Pay close attention when God starts to stir something within you.

It is not far from God to stir within His people a greater burden for something they once dreamed only briefly about. It is also not far from God to choose the unlikeliest of persons to fulfill that vision along with you. God loves to choose ordinary people to fulfill that which seems impossible or too far reaching to accomplish.


Do not fear the vision, ask for a greater understanding of it. The vision may seem risky, scary and completely different than anything you’ve ever imagined. That’s exactly where God wants you to be. It’s your Red Sea moment to see if you will trust God as you step out in faith. When you do, fear will try to meet you, but faith awaits to stand with you on each step you take towards the perfect will of God.

Lord, give me a greater understanding of YOUR vision. I have many of my own. They are safe and comfortable. They do not require much effort to really trust you. Father, give me your vision. I will walk in courage to trust you with the next step, in Jesus name.

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