Come and See

Come and see what God has done,…(Ps 66:5).


It is difficult to see the hand of God in them midst of trouble, but if we are willing to look past hurt, disappointment and unmet expectations our understanding of the situation can radically change. Sometimes triumph comes not in the changing of circumstances, but in our perspective to see them differently.

God is always at work, it is our own blindness that keeps us from seeing His hand. It is our anger, despair, bitterness and resentment keep us from moving forward.

The only person God cannot work with is one who is hard of heart. Until the heart softens through humility and love, we will never move past our hurt to see life from God’s perspective. We go on begging God to change our circumstances, when He is already working in them. Victory is not found in demanding our own way, but joining God in His.

Father, I am quick to demand my own way. I am prideful and self-righteous. Forgive me for how I have allowed difficult circumstances to keep me from your perspective. Give me eyes to see you in all things. Shower me with your grace, in Jesus name, Amen!

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