the LORD remembered her…(1 Sam 1:19)

Hannah was a woman who lived in shame. She was barren, unable to conceive and lived with great humiliation because of it. Her adversary reminded her year after year of her shame. This would propel Hannah into places of deep pain, shame, and overwhelming grief.

This is the place the enemy wants us to live, in deep places of shame and unending grief. He longs for us to be held captive to what we do not have with the hopes that we will never rise above it.

Can’t have a child; feel shame. Made a huge mistake and now everyone knows; feel extreme guilt and condemnation. His whispers are so predictable. They are often wrapped up in fear, self-condemnation, insecurity, disbelief, doubt and the like. We can be sure that faith has no room in our hearts when shame is there. When we cast out shame and claim our victory in Christ, we walk free from the whispers of the enemy who wishes to keep us in the bondage of guilt.

If we do not know Christ, then it should be no surprise that we often feel extreme guilt and shame, because we are not forgiven. We have not been set free. We need a new heart through Christ alone.

Hannah sat down and wept, but then, SHE STOOD UP. She stood up and went before the Lord, pouring out her heart to Him. In her courage, Hannah walked away from shame and into the grace of God. She let go of guilt and claimed the victory of God over her life. She replaced doubt with belief, shame with victory and fear with courage. God waits for us to STAND UP and claim what is ours in Christ too. When we do so, we experience the power of God over our lives that we will never experience with our head bowed low, weeping in shame, believing the lies of the adversary.

Jesus, today I want to STAND UP! I want to stand up and claim my freedom in Christ. I believe that you are good. I know that you are trustworthy and true. I know that I have been given the greatest gift in the person of Jesus Christ. I have HIs victory, His joy and His delight living inside of me. Father, I claim my courage in Christ today to be what guides me, fills me and empowers me to walk with you today, in Jesus name, Amen.


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