Unleashed: Waiting on God to Send You Forth

wait for the gift my Father promised….(Acts 1:5)

For a number of years my sister waited, with courage, on God to bring her to a place where she could serve in full-time ministry. I lacked a tremendous amount of compassion for her during that season in her life (compassion, transparency, and humility is an area God has been growing me in). I kept reminding her of how good God was and how we are always called no matter what we are doing, whether it’s serving tables at a restaurant, doing secretarial work or working as a garbage man.
Although, I do still believe those things are true, I am now living in the place she was in. I’m learning that my words to her were much easier to say, but are very difficult to live out in praxis.
When God has given you a vision for something you want nothing more than to see it accomplished. The tension of living in the place of waiting is terribly difficult. Without a place to see the inspiration fulfilled the sense of urgency grows. It is in the waiting where God works out the vision and grows it in you. Sometimes when we are living inside the place of our calling, we forget the urgency of the vision, but when we step away it grows all the more.
I have lived with a great vision inside of me, to see teenagers lives radically transformed with the gospel. I have often prayed for and envisioned revival to breakout in their hearts. I have seen glimpses of spiritual revival, but I am zealous for an all out breakout of His Spirit.
As the disciples waited for ten days in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come down upon them, it was in their waiting that God was working. Had they run ahead of Him without His power, their mission would have failed. If God has given you a vision, wait for Him to unleash you, because when He does, there is no stopping what He will do.
Lord, I know that every season is under your control. Even in the waiting you are birthing something new. Unleash your Spirit in power and during this season prepare within me a heart that burns deeper for you. Let me not waste anything. May I live with a sense of urgency for your Kingdom. I am weak, but you are strong. I am easily discouraged, but you are trustworthy. Jesus, fill my heart. Be my life and my vision. I want to live in the place of the vision even in the waiting. No season is to be wasted. I am always on mission for you, may I live in that today for your glory, in Jesus name, amen.

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