Stand By Your Man: Heart and Soul

“Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.””….(1 Sa 14:7).

As a wife, I am learning how to stand beside my husband, heart and soul.
God will give men a vision, in order to fulfill it they need someone who is willing to stand with them in battle. They need a support system, an encourager, someone who believes in them and enters into the battle with them.
They do not need a woman who grabs their sword and starts to wield it with her own control, no. Nor do they need a woman who strips them of their armor and silences their desires to fight for the gospel out of their own fears. A woman bent on control will never allow her husband to fight for the cause God has purposed in his heart because doing so seems far too risky and uncomfortable. What men really need is a woman who says, “I am with you heart and soul.”
As Jonathan purposed in his heart to attack the Phillistines, his armor-bearer stood beside him. An armor bearer was someone who carried your equipment for you, standing beside you, attending you in battle. As women we should do the same. Going with our man into battle standing with him, carrying the armor of God with us, fighting alongside of our husband as his support.
I’ll be honest, this is a scary position to be in. But just as Sarah called Abraham, lord and master, so we too, as women, should esteem our husbands with the same value and trust. We must set aside our own desire to be in control. We must follow them into the battle God has purposed in their hearts to fight. We do not lose ourselves in doing this. Nor are we letting go of our identity or our own personal values. We are fulfilling the God-given role placed within our hearts to uplift, support and encourage our husbands for the sake of the gospel of Christ.
If there is ever a married man who is brave, who is a warrior on the front lines for Christ, I am convinced it is because he has a wife who says, “I am with you, heart and soul.” If there is a man who cowers in fear, afraid to take up the weapons of warfare for the cause of the gospel it could be because his wife has stripped him of his vision. It could be that out of her own fears and insecurities she has shut down his desire to fight for a cause greater than himself. Until she lets go and chooses to become his armor bearer and not his commander, he will cower in the corner of passivity and find somewhere else to fight. Lord, forgive us as women, if we have done such a shameful thing.
Becoming a woman who trusts her husband, heart and soul, is risky. It’s uncomfortable. It places us in a role of submission that is not to or detriment, but for our benefit. If a couple is living this out, in submission to one another and out of reverence for Christ, we will see battles being fought for the kingdom of God that will shake the heavens. Until we as women learn to fully say, “I am with you, heart and soul,” our men will use their energies to fight for something else of much less worth than the gospel of Christ.
As women, we hold much more power than we think. What we do with it determines, to a great degree, who our husband will become. This is a huge responsibility and we need God’s help to accomplish it. I believe, no vision will ever go forth without a woman who is willing to stand with her husband in the battle, heart and soul. Are you willing? I want to be.
Lord, I want to be the kind of woman who trusts fully in her husband because she trusts fully in you. I long to see my husband fight on the front lines for your gospel. Whatever you have purposed in his heart, I want to stand beside him. Sometimes, I am afraid to do this. It feels risky and uncomfortable. Yet, I know that you are in control. Therefore, I don’t need to fear. Give my husband a great vision and use him greatly for your glory. May I stand beside him, heart and soul, in Jesus name, amen.

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