Chosen By God

“Rise and anoint him; this is the one.”(1 Sa 16:12).

When God chooses a man or woman to do His work, it is simply because He has done it. No man or woman has ever risen up to do God’s work because they placed themselves in such service. If they have, their position is without HIs power and anointing. This could be why so many churches, programs and ministries lack the Spirit’s power. Not because of anything God has or hasn’t done, but because those leading it are not of God’s choosing, but of man’s.

Yes, the individual who has prepared themselves well for Gods’ service is of reputable choosing. However, without the anointing of God there efforts will fall short in God’s economy. Any place they put themselves will not prosper with the fresh anointing of God. It is silly to think we can force our way into God’s ministry. It is also foolish to believe that our stature and resume make us more qualified than someone else.

It is a dangerous place to be if we live not with eternity in mind, but what is best for us and our position in ministry. Sometimes we want to be chosen not because we are submissive to the will of God, but because we believe we are better than the rest. We believe we deserve it.

However, Jesus chose 12 men to follow him who were of no reputation. God chooses David, the youngest son of Jesse who was forgotten by most. God raises up Moses, a murderer to do HIs work. It is hard to understand why God chooses some and not others. However, we can be sure of this- we do not need to position ourselves before others and try to convince them that we are God’s chosen. We need only be still, stay humble and let God do the choosing. When God has chosen a man or woman for His service, no extra effort on our part can make it happen. There is no extra convincing we can do. We can argue with God over it all we want. We can try to position ourselves to be His chosen, but God calls out the humble to do HIs work, not the lofty. There is no man or woman with a proud, puffed up heart who has stayed long in ministry for God’s service. At least, not with a Spirit powered anointing.

When we live in light of our gifts, for God’s glory, and not to be noticed by man, the Spirit of the Lord stirs within people to take note. When we put on a show before others with the hopes of being seen, noticed or chosen, God does not honor that.

If you want to be chosen, keep your head low and let your light shine, not for man’s praise, but simply, for God’s glory. The best leaders are not those who care what others think, but, instead, want to honor their King. When we honor Him, we are seen by Him. When God sees us, He is pleased and in His time and for His glory He’ll do the choosing.

Jesus, you know that I long to be one of your chosen. I long to be one of your anointed. I want the fire of God to burn within my heart. Sometimes, in my flesh, it’s for others to see. Lord, forgive me. I want it to be for you alone. Forgive me when I try to convince you that I am your chosen vessel. Forgive me when I believe I am better than someone else. Forgive me when I try to make things happen. Today, I submit myself to your will, in Jesus name, amen.


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