Not Forgotten: God Sees Me

The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him….(Ge 40:23–41:1).

As a teenager I often felt invisible and forgotten. I can remember sitting in a room full of people, but feeling as though my presence in that room made no difference. I can recall the countless times I just wanted to crawl into a hole and get away from the pain I felt inside over feeling so insignificant and unimportant.
It is easy to feel forgotten. The human heart longs to be known by others. We long for deep, meaningful friendships and people who genuinely care about us. The slow destruction of the heart happens when we live in isolation from others. We cannot grow without love. We will not experience joy without people present in our lives who shower that love upon us, and we upon them.
Joseph very easily could have felt forgotten by God, his family and others as he sat in prison for seven years serving a sentence he did not deserve. Yet, Joseph chose a different perspective. He did not allow his heart to grow hard over what he felt. Joseph understood something about God that was fundamentally true of Him, not based upon feelings, but based upon fact. He understood that God was worthy of being trusted. He knew that God was good and worthy to be praised despite unfair circumstances.
Joseph’s righteous attitude is what carried him into the place of God’s redemption. It is often our negative attitude that keeps us stuck in the place of desolation.
Whenever we allow our feelings to be our driving force in life we will grow angry, bitter hearts. We will feel forgotten, insignificant and unimportant. These feelings are not from God. They are from the very pit of hell themselves, sent to steal, kill and destroy the good work God wants to do in our lives. Such feelings will often press us into further isolation, keeping us from what the soul needs most- to live in relationship with God and others.
Remember today that God sees you. He has not forgotten you, nor has He abandoned you. The truth of God’s love is that it is without limit. It does not stop when we stop loving Him. It extends out to us as a lifeline to our souls, calling us back to the place of sweet surrender with the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you trust Him today?
Lord, I know how I used to feel; alone and forgotten. However, I know now that you see me and you love me. You have made me to live in relationships with others for your glory. You have made me bold and stout hearted, not cowering and fearful. I have everything I need in you. I want to rest in that grace for today, in Jesus name, amen.

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