What Has Your Heart?

after my own heart…(Jer 3:15)

When I was a child I wanted to know everything about sports. I spent hours investing my time, energies and talents into becoming a better athlete. I can recall the many early Saturday mornings I would spend out on the concrete driveway shooting hoops, the numerous car rides to softball practices throughout the year, and the summers spent hitting the golf ball to prepare for the upcoming season. You could say that sports were my life. They had my heart, because they had my time, attention and the very best parts of me.
When we find salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ a similar call falls upon our life. A call to pursue the Lord, seeking to be one with Him in all that we do. We must become children after His own heart. The original language says this involves our, “inner man, and the seat of our emotions and passions.” There is so much more to be said about this phrase, but only one thing is needed to understand it. What has your heart? What consumes your thoughts? What is the most important thing about your life and your purpose for existing? What has the very best parts of you?
As a child my time was centered around my athletic pursuits. When I got into college, a deeper hunger started to stir in me for something more- beyond the sports arena. Eventually, my inner man started to seat itself into the plans and purposes of God. I knew that my time on the athletic field, although fun and enjoyable, was no longer meant to be my greatest purpose in life. Now, I had a greater calling to pursue- living on mission for the sake of the gospel.
There is little that needs to be said about being a man or woman after God’s own heart. Our actions will prove to show what he really believe about God in our hearts. If I believe Him to be who He says He is then I can do nothing but give Him the very best parts of me. The tragedy happens when our time, energies and attention are stolen away from the plans and purposes of God and placed upon our own pursuits.
I’ll be honest, my will, idols and desires can quickly steal my heart. This is why it is imperative that we always examine our heart and our conscience to see what lies there. More often than not I will find a false god seeking to destroy the good work God is doing in my life. We must destroy such idols before they capture the seat of our heart and emotions, taking God’s rightful place.
I get most excited when I see teenagers pursuing the heart of God. When the seat of their passions, emotions and purposes lie on the plans of God we will see revival, just as Josiah did in his day. The problem is though, is that our young people will rarely become men and women after God’s own heart if we who are lovingly leading, guiding and growing them up do not live as people after God’s own heart.
This generation under is is hungry for more. I sense it in their hearts that they are longing for authenticity. They want to be part of a bigger, grander picture than the one their culture has painted for them. Will we, as more mature Christ followers lead them towards HIs heart today?
Father, I want to be a woman who is hungry to pursue after your heart. I’ll be honest, on a daily basis I struggle with other things trying to take over the seat of my passions and emotions. Lord, let that place be for you and you alone. I want the truest thing about me to to be you, in Jesus name, amen.

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