Servant of All

Last night at church I led games at SOLID youth group and it was awesome. It was an experience of deep joy, as I was laughing with students, seeing them smile; having a great time together.
It’s the little things I have now learned to greatly appreciate, treasure and value. It’s the ridiculous conversation I had with a teenager who thinks they can eat 48 eggs in one sitting. It’s the high fives and smiles. It’s jumping in on a Facetime call that girls were having with a friend. It’s trying to speak Spanish with a student using my extremely limited Spanish skills, that I am treasuring with great joy now.
We can quickly take for granted the things we treasure in our lives. If something churns inside of you and makes you come to life, do not take it for granted. Live in it with great joy, fervor, and passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. Choose to live in light of it, even in the most menial of tasks surrounding it. If it means you get to put God on display.
I remember years ago after stepping away from my job as a personal trainer to pursue a calling in ministry how humbling it was when I went back to the gym one summer while raising support. I quickly went from personal trainer to front desk worker. One of my jobs was to get a towel and wipe down the equipment. I’ll be honest, I found it to be quite humiliating. The thought kept running through my head, “Wow, Heather, you’ve really stepped into loser city. Personal Trainer to low man on the totem pole, way to go.” Can anyone say, PRIDE problem? Yep, that was me.

Jesus said, “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (Mark 9:35)


Sometimes life throws us a curveball and God takes us to places of deep refinement. There is great purpose there. Do not be surprised if God puts you in a place where you become less than what you were before, so that you may become “servant of all.” It is not for the purpose of humiliating you, but for transforming your character and making you more like Jesus.
If that means I get to wipe down machines at the gym or lead games at youth group, then hand me a towel and give me 10 minutes to come up with something fun and crazy. Right now, I’m learning to soak in the goodness of God in the small things.
One of the enemies greatest tools is- distraction. If he can get us to believe that our present circumstances are ones we should be humiliated by, our hearts will suffer as they drown in pools of negativity and pride. Whenever we enter into this place, we remove ourselves from God’s mission. We miss opportunities and grow in discontentment. Do not allow the enemy to pull you from the mission field. Whatever you are doing, whether its cleaning machines at the gym, wiping the spit from a baby, or cleaning up the communion cups after church, do it all for the glory of God.
Jesus, I want to be a servant to all. Forgive me when my attitude becomes poor. No matter what title I do or don’t have I want to live in light of how you have made me. I want to live on mission for you. Jesus, use my life. I submit my heart, gifts, and passions to your Lordship. You are King and I trust you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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