The Way of the Simple

but the simple keep going and pay the penalty…(Pr 27:12).

Without a right understanding of God, we will eventually, “pay the penalty.” This is true even of those who follow Jesus. Even though we are free from the penalty of sin and death, we are not exempt from the Lord’s discipline as a result of our rebellion.

The Bible uses words like, “stiff-necked” to describe stubborn, rebellious people. In our own foolishness, we go before God with teeth clenched and mouths tight in anger, expecting Him to wave the wand and fix our imperfect lives. Yet, we keep going our own way. He speaks into our lives and we refuse to release the grip of our own control. In doing so, we continue to walk the path of stubborn rebellion. Our hearts stray from the Lord as they walk the paths of the simple and not the discerning.


Could it be that we have missed something about God, not because of His unwillingness to reveal it to us, but our own will has deceived us into spiritual blindness? Everyone has blind spots. All of us, from time to time, are unable to see with eyes of truth the depth of our own personal deceptions. This is a result of an unwillingness to release control and submit our own desires to God.

If my heart leads me to believe that God cannot be trusted, I must take up the reigns of control or insert myself into the equation to- “make things happen.” Then, I am far from understanding the perfect will of God. I have become my own god of little power and much consequence. The heart cannot find peace in the forced will of self. However, it can find consolation by resting in the power of God.

I do believe the reason we go the way of the simple is that we are not listening to God. We have found our own personal idea of wisdom more acceptable and safe. We believe the voices of people over the wisdom of God. We do not listen because we are too busy. We do not sit before the Lord because it is a discipline we do not have the time for.

It is not far from God to release us into our own understanding. Yes, there are consequences there, but It is because He loves us. If there is a result we are seeking apart from Him He will show us the stubbornness of our way. He will guide us towards the path of the discerning, but we must be willing to follow Him there.

Be honest with yourself, whose path are you following today?

Jesus, I want to be wise.  Not in my own eyes, but in yours.  I long to release the control of my own grip to take up the wisdom of your own heart.  Show me when I am walking my own stubborn path.  Lead me beside quiet waters towards your heart, in Jesus name, Amen.  


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