Witches, Wisdom, ​and Waiting

So Saul disguised himself, putting on other clothes…(1 Sa 28:8).

As Christians, we are called to be a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God. Until we fully understand what this means we will not live in the fullness of our calling.
Saul was King of Israel and would have worn a number of royal vestments to set himself apart from others. His royal robes would have spoken of his position in the kingdom. Saul becomes impatient and irritated because God is not responding to His prayers in the time frame Saul is comfortable with. Instead of waiting on God with a heart that trusts in the sovereignty of a loving, faithful God, Saul strips himself of his royal robes and consults with the medium of Endor.
Prior to this Saul had outlawed such a thing, but he throws that out the window because he cannot deal with his own personal anxiety. Saul takes the easy road because it feels safer, more comfortable and predictable. If our faith doesn’t make us uncomfortable from time to time, we probably aren’t practicing it and we are fools to think that consulting with a witch can offer us what only the wisdom of God can provide.  
We too have royal robes that we wear. Robes of righteousness, given to us by the King. Robes of the priesthood to set us apart from those around us. Robes that are given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ so that we may offer up spiritual sacrifices to God. These robes signify who we are in Christ. We are sons and daughters of the Lord Jesus, wearing robes of the priesthood, enabling us to go before God, because of the great High Priest, Jesus Christ.
Our role as priests before God is not to set ourselves up as greater than, but to establish within our hearts a willing obedience to offer up our lives as living sacrifices. Saul didn’t understand that as king of Israel his life was meant for the very same purpose. To offer up his life as a living sacrifice. Instead, he strips himself of his royal robes, acts as if he is no longer king and consults a spiritist. Sauls grave mistake was that he did not understand that our duty before God is to sacrifice the tension within our hearts to know all the answers right away. The only thing a living sacrifice can do is wait with hopeful expectation.
We can try to strip ourselves of our royal robes too, but there is no fooling the one true God. By all means, Saul was not acting as any king who was worthy of leading God’s people. Stripping himself of his royal robes was a powerful statement that maybe he himself didn’t even understand. Whenever we go our own way, we do the same. We are quick to sacrifice our time, energy and talents, not to God, but to our own need for affirmation through the idols and ideologies we worship.
Wear your royal robes today dear friends. Go before the Lord and wait for Him. Do not strip yourself of your vestments, because you cannot wait upon the God. Believe that you are His, you are loved, valued and adorned. Live in light of who the King says you are and find yourself in His purposes by offering up your body as a living sacrifice. This means the waiting may hurt for awhile. It is not often pleasurable to offer up anxieties, fears, and frustrations and place them on the table of sacrifice. It is, however, where we find freedom in Jesus name.
Lord, today I want to live in light of who you say I am. I am a royal priesthood, so that I may offer up spiritual sacrifices to you. Today God, I sacrifice my future, talents, and calling. I cannot make anything happen in my own strength. It is only you so I will wait upon you, in Jesus name, Amen.

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