Self-Appointed Kings: The Exaltation of Self to Further My Own Kingdom

Saul said to his armor-bearer, “Draw your sword and run me through…(1 Sa 31:4).

One of the worst things that could have happened to Saul was to become King. It was not something he was ready for and he proved it throughout his Kingship. He spent the majority of it living and operating out of fear, making rash, hasty decisions and walking in his own idea of wisdom. Which, in the end, was total foolishness.

Many of us long for something, quite frankly, we are not ready for too. I’ll be honest, for many years I lived hoping to get ahead. I hoped to become some big, known name in the Christian market. However, more recently I have been thanking God for not allowing me such a platform because quite honestly I would not have been ready for such a thing. Mostly because my attitude would have been directed by pride, feeling as though I deserved such a thing.

Oh, Lord, forgive me! I have been so foolish!

Many of us long to become “King” of something in our lives. It could be within our occupations, over communities, hobbies, families, finances or futures. We love the idea of being a powerful person. In a sense, we want to be our own god- to be praised by man. We feel we deserve it because after all, we are the most important person in our own eyes.


Some of us have tasted what we have wrongfully longed for. Now, all we can recall is what once was. We cannot accept the place at the table of least significance because we keep going back to the days when we had the most prominent seat.

God is taking me on a journey to be less than so that others might be raised up. To be of little significance and position for the purpose of praising Him in all circumstances. This is a good place to be. For I know, in all things, He is working this together for the glory of His Kingdom and not mine.

If we cannot celebrate the accomplishments of others, feel threatened by them or become insanely jealous, our lives will walk the bitter path of destruction. Saul walked such a journey. Until we repent we will too.

It would be wise for us of to stop begging God for what we want and start praising Him for not giving it to us. He knows, if and when we’ll be ready. There’s no sense trying to convince Him otherwise. Because if you keep at it, He may give you a taste, which quite honestly, could be one of the worst things for an ill-prepared heart. Who gets the most glory in your asking, you or God? If it’s you, back down and put yourself in a posture of praise. Get out of the way to exalt the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

Jesus, thank you. Thank you that I am of little significance. Thank you that you are a BIG and mighty God. Thank you that you are the great I AM. You are in total control of our lives. Thank you for not giving us everything we ask for. Jesus, make us more like you. Give us the grace and patience to wait upon you with joy, in Jesus name, Amen!

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