Knowing Your Opponent

until an opportune time….(Luke 4:13)

Knowing how to win at nearly any sport requires an understanding of how to execute at the opportune time. When I coached basketball we used to scout our opponent. We would study their offense, defense, weaknesses, and strengths.
We wanted to know as much as we could about our opponent. Then, when our time came to meet them on the court we would be ready with anything they might throw at us. If the other team played zone we would emphasize all the coaching points that would break down the zone, so that our team could attack and score.
The enemy of our souls has studied us too. We need not fear that but instead be keenly aware that He will be ready to strike at the opportune time. He knows our weaknesses. He knows where to push our buttons to send us into places of fear, insecurity, and defeat.
He is ready, poised for an attack. The purpose of his attack is to tear down our faith. He cannot destroy us so he will seek to destroy the very thing that gives us personal victory. He twists and distorts, he whispers and sings a song of deceit into our hearts. His purpose is to make us believe we have lost. However, the truth is, in Christ, we are always victorious. There is no battle plan of the enemy that can win against the truth of Christ.
The problem arises when the enemy has studied our playbook more than us. It is God’s word. Do we know it? Are we ready for when an attack of the enemy comes? He distorts scripture taking a little bit of truth and twisting it for his own personal gain.
As a coach, we would teach certain fundamentals and defensiveness drills that would prepare our players for things that might happen in a game. Therefore, if it did happen the girls knew how to respond, immediately, without putting much thought into it. Have we studied God’s word so intimately that it is written upon our hearts? Do we know it, not just intellectually but by way of personal application for our own lives? It is our only way towards victory. Any other strategy will leave us defeated and full of deceit.
Jesus, I want to know you. I want to be ready when the enemy comes to strike at the opportune time. I have the victory in your name. You have given me your word to fight against my adversary, the Devil. Jesus, fight with me, for your glory, Amen!

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