Jump for Joy

Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you….(Psalm 5:11)

I love watching my nephew jump for joy. It comes at the silliest of times. In those moments when he is elated over the simplest of things, but oh how I delight in watching him be so satisfied with something so simple.

In Psalm 5 the Hebrew word for “rejoice” is `alats, which means; to exult, triumph; to jump for joy. Have you ever jumped for joy before the Lord? David did when the ark of the covenant was being ushered into the city of Jerusalem. He was zealous for God’s activity in the world. He found great joy in the purposes of God.


If you cannot ever remember your heart jumping for joy before the Lord, it could be that you have a problem. It’s not that life has served you a bad hand continually. It’s that your perspective of the cards you have been dealt needs to change.

Could this be why God says for us to come to Him as children? A child comes with innocence, trusting the one who is leading them. Their perspective on life is one of unlimited possibilities. They dream with hope, find joy in the smallest of things and smile with great delight.

As adults, we can become so hardened by pain and disappointment that delight is not a word we know well. We do not understand even how to “jump for joy” before the Lord because the thought of our present pain weighs us down with burdens too heavy to even stand up.

The releasing of our pain, disappointment, and burdens to the Lord is the beginning of freedom. It is a child-like faith the Lord desires. Don’t you see, God is not looking for strong, self-sufficient warriors or independent, self-assured people. He is looking for people who will love His name with the faith of a child. Those who would simply rest in His presence, jumping for joy at the thought of it. It is there that He dances over you with great delight. It is a relationship of love, not one of duty and forced servitude.

Start by rejoicing over the simplest of things. We often lose our perspective on joy because we lose sight of the greatness of God in the prefatory places of His provision. The breath we breathe, it is so simple, but we can start there and learn to be thankful as we jump for joy with the Lord, taking great delight in His love for us.

Jesus, there is something about my relationship with you that I often forget. I forget that my delight is in you. I forget that you desire a child-like, trusting faith. Oh, how I long for the innocence of a child to fill my heart and mind as I trust in your name. Spread your protection over me, that I may jump for joy at the thought of your name, Amen!

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