A Way in the Wilderness

“I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”- Isaiah 43:19

There is a place where the heart is at peace. It is in the shade of God, resting in the promised land of His peace and provision. It is not far from God to place within our lives trying and difficult circumstances, allowing them to reshape and reform our hearts.


His desires are not that our emotions would swing back and forth based on our ever-changing circumstances, no. He longs for us to find Him there, in the midst of a less than ideal life and rest with Him in His personhood. To find ourselves free and alive in His love and to be at peace in our hearts even when the storm of our lives rages.

Until we get lost in God, we will find ourselves lost in despair. He longs to lead us down paths of His righteousness. Many times, these are unseen paths. They are paths hidden from the heart that just wants to stay comfortable. However, if we would but embrace with God the journey set before us with joy, we would find that we can truly trust the hand that is leading us. He provides a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert of our hearts.

If my heart feels like a constant, dry, wasteland, it is not God who has placed me there. It is my own inability to sit in the Master’s shade in the places of HIs refuge. Yes, He may have placed me in a desert season, but it was not to ruin me, it was to reform me. It was to show me a deeper aspect of His love. It was for me to see that He, yes He, is the fount of living waters. He is the great provider whose arm is not to short to save, nor is His love to small to reach down and provide sustenance for my weary soul.

Whenever I feel self-sufficient I have not found myself in the promises of God. There, in self-sufficiency, I will never experience the God in a deeper way. If my dream is not to become someone different in Christ I will stay the same old wretch as before. Whenever a man or woman goes out on an adventure with God, He must first take them through the desert. The desert teaches us to trust. The desert shows us we must depend on the Master comforter for our daily bread. When we feast upon His love we found our weary souls alive with joy in His presence.

If the place of my greatest turmoil lies within my own heart I must ask myself what I have believed wrong about God. I must ask myself what sin lies there to steal, kill and destroy the good work that God wants to do in making me new.

Any comfort; food, exercise, money, fame, friends, success or the like will not satisfy us in a sun-scorched land. They are but temporary fixes for a heart that needs the Lord’s daily bread. There in the desert God provides a feast if we are but willing to watch and wait for it, in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, you provide. You are a mighty God. Whom have I in Heaven but you? For earth has nothing I desire besides you. I long to see you there, in the desert as my bounty and joy. Life is a continual feast with you, in Jesus name, Amen!

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